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WORDS on WEDNESDAYS 18 | “GOD” | Beria Charles Creative

The best thing in the world is be used by God. Because I believe I was created by Him and yes, “for Him”.
Making the “Words on Wednesdays” post every week is not an easy task. I carefully select the quotes I want to use, based on a theme I choose, then I have to “put the pieces together” creating a file that will be shared. Sometimes that work can take me the whole morning. But is something I love doing!
These past weeks were simply crazy. All the Fall Sessions being planned, Church work, the Studio Opening that was postponed twice, and on top of that, the most important rules I play: being a wife and a mother. For that reason, I ended up not posting on Wednesdays, which broke my heart; but I had to make a choice and prioritize. I also had people asking me why I was posting something that “had nothing to do with photography”. That made me think about. And I had the answer, but did not answer (if that makes sense).

Today, I want to answer.
I do it because I love.
I do it because it’s an inspiration. For myself in the first place. And photography translates what inspires me.
I do it because I want it to bless people. And if I had some doubt if it actually was a blessing, this attached image of a message I receive yesterday gave me a boost, and helped me to keep going. My work is not unnoticed. To my God be the glory. I want to be a tool on His hand.

Thanks Christine! You also made a difference in my life.
This week, “Words on Wednesday – GOD Special” is dedicated the people who read this blog and feel blessed.

Sorry for my broken english. Didn’t have time to revise it.
Again, “Be-Blessed”!
B ;.)

Johanna Henderson - October 26, 2011 - 6:11 pm

I also agree with Christine, I live in Ohio and was online looking for encouragement from the Lord, and I saw one of your graphics on someone’s Pinterest and I searched until I found your website/blog. Not only have i fell in love with your style of photography, but I have been so blessed by the Words on Wednesdays. I am a graphic designer and love how beautifully you designed these pieces! Thank you so much for allwoing God to use you.
With many thanks and blessings!

Paula - April 22, 2012 - 9:44 pm

Love your creative assortment of inspiration from God. Thank you for using your time and talents to do this. It is amazing! Blessings to you and Glory to God.

Beria Charles - April 23, 2012 - 1:49 pm

Thanks Paula for the sweet words! May God keep blessing you every day!

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