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“What do I have???” | Writing my heart out!

First time Im writing a blog post from my phone…  (no revision and no spell check! Read at your own risk!)

I heard something on the radio another day that really touched me. “Don’t concentrate on what you DON’T have. God asks you: What do you have?”

That quote hit me unguarded and made me stop everything I was doing to lay down thinking on how I let wrong thoughts affect me so bad. 

That specific afternoon, I was upset with so many things I could easily make a list. Starting with the homesick feeling that never goes away, ’til the search on what I had done wrong seeing friends turning their back on me. I hate to be disappointed with people I love. It consumes me. And it’s awful having to beg for friendship one, two, three times.
In the “material” side, I wanted to travel more, a new laptop, get an iPad, buy a new sofa set and huge flat screen tv. 
I also wanted to see my business grow faster, be able to multitask more eficiently, and decide on what area to specialize. All in a blink.
What’s wrong with wanting all that? Nothing! I believe that absolutely nothing. The wrong part was: worrying about it, took my joy away, and it was growing bigger than being thankful for all I have.

“What do you have?”
God knew I needed to be reminded of  ALL what I really had and it’s value. God reminded me of my lovely husband and beautiful daughter that brings a smile to my face every day. 
God reminded I had a house – with air conditioner and heat – just in case…
God reminded me I have so much food in my table everyday that I actually need to lose some serious pounds.
God reminded me of the talent He gave me; that I have my own business and people actually like my work ;.)
God reminded me that I have friends that I can count on anytime. Friends that call to say: “Hello! Good morning! How’re you do?” or make me “lol” with crazy txt; not forgetting the blessing words that comes in the mornings…
God also reminded me that I can never take a day for granted and always trust Him leading my life. He reminds that I should be humble and thankful for every opportunity; He reminds me I have to be a better person forgiving more; He reminds me I have to work harder and sharpen my skills to make my work glorify His name; He reminds me “Worship is a Lifestyle” and I should reflect His love; He reminds me I am small and NOTHING without Him. He reminds me He will be with me through the end.

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