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Valentine’s Day at it’s best | Priceless Gifts

This morning I woke up thinking about yesterday. I spent few minutes just lying there and thinking…
It was Valentine’s Day. I did not get flowers, expensive presents or went out for dinner. What I did get was “priceless gifts in a romantic day”.

As a result of a severe sinus infection that made me think my head was exploding, my eyes popping out; I had to be in bed for the past four days. With Saturday and Sunday also including visits to ER to see “mean nurses” that did not respect my fear of needles! haha! Sedated by strong meds I am taking, I’m sleeping more than the “Sleeping Beauty”. When awake, it’s time for the funny talking about my crazy dreams of crocodiles at the fish tank. But even thou I don’t look my best and couldn’t care less about my not-matching pajama or the lack of chocolate boxes, my Valentine’s Day was truly special. I had it all.

– Day was filled with lovely messages. It was hard for me to keep up with txt messages because of the phone’s bright screen that bothered my eyes, and the time offline I was giving myself to rest; but I was able to read them all… Thanks to all. Thanks for the prayers.
– Acts of kindness speaks louder than words. A dear friend made me soup (bonus points!!!). Unbelievable, soup was the easiest and less painful to eat. It felt like everything else I had to chew, pulled my muscles causing the pain to come back. Another one, brought “my kids” in with the cutest cards “for Tia Beria”…
– Joy? Oh Joy! Grateful for her faith that makes she puts her little hands at my head and pray for mommy to get well soon so she can come back every five minutes and ask me to go play. I couldn’t go, so she made me a pile of drawings. “Joy love mom”, it said.
– Finally, “Sleeping Beauty” needs a prince; and I had mine by my side. Still. As always. I remembered somedays I treated the “prince like a frog” and it hurts me inside. I feel undeserved of his love and ask God to continue giving me a memory that takes notes of the good and crosses off the irrelevant. My husband is precious. He holds my hands when I get upset for shaking too much; he makes me a cup of tea; he sits by my side in the living room floor at night just because it’s the only position I find my head hurting less. I ask him to leave, he won’t. Instead, he hugs me.

We don’t remember days. We remember moments.

Priceless gifts on a Valentine’s day.

Ellie - March 10, 2012 - 12:52 pm

Beria super Feliz por vc !!! E o blog ta um sonho!!! Xoxo

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