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You made a difference on my birthday! My big THANKS!

My birthday was last wednesday, Feb 23!

Want to mention my big thanks to Lê Nanica, Aline Cacaia, Cleeeeezia, Tia Tattusca, Carlota Joaquina, Debby Raimbow e Paulinha Jean. When I thought I was gonna be by myself on the night of my birthday, they showed up with cakes – yeah, I had 2! – good food, big hugs and lots of things to make me laugh. You made my day! It was a cold night out but you had chosen to celebrate with me. God bless you so much. You are appreciated and won’t be forgotten. I’m including a picture of you ladies in this post! – looking good, huh?:)

Also, “TiNaNa”, aka Flavys Portugal,  who didn’t make to my birthday last week, but made feel very loved. Yesterday, she asked me to stop by with Joy and when I got to the house, there was this yellow flowers and a card in the table… “It’s a late Happy Birthday but we wanted to make it special”… Then she cooked a yummy lunch for me, her and the kids. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I could not forget to mention all facebook messages, orkut scraps, text message and emails. So many people sent their wishes and even gifts! God knows how hard is to be away from immediate family in birthdays (miss you vó, mom, dad, sis, bro, Gu and Teca!) and that is why he gave me a “heart family” to warm me up.

Of course, I have to express my love to hubby. Believe that I do understand your way of loving me; and thanks for the million calls you had to make to find out what “perfume” one of my client uses, so you could buy it for me. You didn’t forget that I had said, I don’t even when, in one of our conversations, that I could know she was present in a place just by the smell in the air. Good move, babe!

My joyful daughter, you woke me up singing the best “Happy Birthday” ever. Cliché, but you really are my gift every day; my “sunshine”.

Last, but essential… Jesus – my Lord, Creator and Inspiration – with all my gratitude I want to hug You someday! I’m NOTHING without You.

I’m so undeserving, but thankful. Your acts of kindness made all the difference. Broken english would not make justice to all the love that was poured over me. Words would not be enough. Love you all.


Clezia - March 3, 2011 - 11:40 am

I love it…. Vc merece Berita, we love you!!!

Flavyana Portugal - March 3, 2011 - 7:45 pm

So sweet!!! Beijocas!!!

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