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Grace that warms the soul

You know those cold winter days when we awake in the thought that “summer will come never”, making us wanting to be back to bed and sleep like bears hibernating through the first day of Spring, at least? I had a lot of those. So many that made me sick and blue; taking from me the pleasure of doing things I loved most, as “to photograph”. I was so worried about the cold that I ended up “cold”. My creative vision was cold; my smile was cold. I just wanted to sleep, then stopped seeing the beauty within the simple and amazing demonstration of love God makes me see everyday. I didn’t want to see “any pretty in the ugly winter days”. I forgot about the Creator. But , who am I again?

By His grace, in one of the cold mornings, reading my devotional book, I was reminded how small I am: “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. (James 4:14)” That cheered my heart instantly. It felt like God, again, whispered to me that, despite the weather, the changing moods, the circumstances, He’s a lovely father that prepares lots of surprises for me, the little mist, too see. What a privilege!

These following images are from that morning. I got to finally leave the home and went to a place I love for a few minutes. There I prayed.
And I remembered that snow melts. Remember some of my favorite quotes. Remember that the Lord is the one who warms my soul.


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